10 Things You Should Know About Saigon Today

Hi again. 🙂

Firstly, I would like to point out that I am not trying to provoke negative feelings towards communist Vietnam in readers; I’m just simply sharing facts. If Vietnam’s current state has brought up negative feelings in me and in others, especially in the Vietnamese community outside VN, that can be attributed to the people who run things over there.

I got an e-mail recently entitled “Saìgon Today…” listing 10 rather disagreeable things that can be seen/experienced in the city today. Some of my friends and relatives that have gone back to Vietnam only saw one side of things, and came back telling me how Vietnam is so fun and totally fine the way it is, wondering why I advocate for changes. They, and many others who think like them, are obviously blind and ignorant to the dark side of what goes on in the country, even though much of the chaos is all around them right within the city. To tell the truth, I’ve never been to Vietnam before, and actually I don’t even want to set foot in the country until the day Vietnam fully regains its Freedom. Sadly, I wonder how much of the country will still remain whole by then. Keep reading and maybe you’ll see just how well (yes, that’s sarcasm) the Vietnamese communist government has been maintaining the country.

Anyway, I wanted to share this e-mail. If anything seems off, I just got these points from the author of the e-mail so don’t curse at me.

Looks like there’s a lot of work to be done and improvements to be made. I know there are still many beautiful places in Vietnam, but I hope to God that Vietnam will not deteriorate any more than it already has before I can see my motherland for myself.

The photos in the gallery belong to their respective owners, many thanks to them for providing. 🙂


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