“1 Million Against 79” Campaign. Free Them NOW!

Millions around the globe are once again expressing their outrage after the recent unlawful arrests of 4 more democracy activists inside Viet Nam. Dozens have long been arrested by the Vietnamese communist government for simply expressing to the public their pro-democratic thoughts and opinions. They boldly spoke out against the corruption, and refused to cower under the oppression.

These admirable activists have been and are being detained without just cause or reason, and many were sentenced under Article 79 of the Penal Code in Vietnam, which carries a maximum penalty of capital punishment. Under article 79, the communist government can order the arrest of just about anyone with whom they are displeased or anyone they fear may threaten their state of absolute control in any way… which, I might add, is just what those shameless cowards would do.

Below is a link to the details of Article 79:

Penal Code: Article 79

We hold our activists in high esteem and give them our full support, but I realize that before being activists they are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, husbands and wives… and there is no humanity in the government which makes them and their families suffer for their righteous beliefs and truthful opinions.

The following link comes from the Viet Tan (Vietnam Reform Party) website, and is a section focusing on news of and from the detainees and their families:

Viet Tan: Free Them Now!

Clearly, we cannot tolerate this endless chain of injustice and corruption. Even now, democracy activists in Vietnam are fearlessly defending the rights of their country and people. Therefore we who have all the Freedom we could want should do no less to support them.

How can YOU easily contribute, wherever you may be?

1. If you own a Facebook account, you can contribute to the cause by donating your status and changing your profile picture to one of the images shown above. Let the world know that you and millions of others are against Article 79.

2. You might also want to make a home video to post on the world wide web, expressing your support for the cause and concluding with the phrase, “I am 1 of 1 million against 79.” Below I’ve linked my brief video response as an example, which I’ve posted on Facebook (excuse the poor quality).

3. Visit the Viet Tan website above and learn the truth, then follow the steps under the “What You Can Do” section. Start by signing the petition! And then forward it to your family and friends.


Thank you for reading. You know what to do! 😀

The websites and pictures belong to their respective owners. Many thanks to them for their hard work.

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