Sunday, March 13th, 2011 – Northwood Community Centre, Toronto

Yesterday evening, Đoàn Thanh Niên Phan Bội Châu Toronto celebrated their 2nd anniversary. It has been a little over 2 years since the first members of DTNPBC Toronto set out together to help bring Freedom, Justice, Democracy and Human Rights to Vietnam; to help our brothers and sisters overseas, whose voices have been long oppressed, to build a better and brighter future for themselves and for their country.

With all the inspiring uprisings that have taken place this past year in the Middle Eastern countries, we are more hopeful now than ever to see a similar change take place in Vietnam. And even more so, we are determined.

So today, I would like to dedicate a post to our members. In my eyes, DTNPBC is one great big family. Even before we all knew each other, before we came together as PBC, many of us and our parents and grandparents were already fighting for the same cause and fostering the same dreams and aspirations for the future of our homeland. I am also very thankful to all our wonderful and constant supporters. There’s always this indescribable feeling of closeness you have with other people when you know that together you’re accomplishing something great. That’s how I feel when I am with our members. I don’t think I could ever find this again somewhere else. Let’s keep working hard together in the future!

And now for a song that always gets my fighting spirit pumped up… 😀


A final memento of PBC's 2-year anniversary

More photos to come!

On a final note, my heart goes out to the people of Japan who have been affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami last week. We keep you all in our prayers; stay strong!


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