Harvest sprites at the ginseng farm

On Saturday, June 18th, 2011, our Toronto fundraising team for Dai Hoi 6 made a trip down to Lan Anh Ginseng Farm in Waterford, Ontario to work and raise funds for our cause. This August 2011, a group of youth from Toronto will fly to Manila, Philippines to attend a Vietnamese Youth Conference known as Đại Hội Thanh Niên Sinh Viên Việt Nam Thế Giới kỳ 6 (DH6) with other Vietnamese youths from around the globe. This year’s theme is digital activism.

It was a unique and fun experience. We all had a lovely day bonding and farming and hope to do this again!

Thank you to the sweet farm owner chú Anh; as well as our supporter chú Hộ who graciously came to help us out and brought us a wonderful meal to wrap up the day. 😀

Photos courtesy of Brian Nguyen.

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