Below is an infomercial about the Speak Up Now! Campaign to help raise awareness about the plight of the 15 youth activists unjustly detained in Vietnam. These innocent young men and women, all of them religious and human rights activists in the Vietnamese Catholic community, were arbitrarily arrested and detained without any outside contact and the whereabouts of some remain unknown.

As of late, these arrests have become more and more like abductions–deftly executed and violent in nature, without any notification or explanation to the families of the detainees. But these youths are educated, faithful, and courageous individuals who are full of potential and love for their country and for justice. Most of them are only in their 20’s & 30’s, just like me, and probably just like you.

We cannot let this injustice go on. And yet, the plight of these activists is not getting enough media attention, nor enough awareness from the rest of the world… There must be something we can do to help these people; there must be some way we can show them our support, and that we are thinking of them…

You can help by:
1. Submitting a letter of support for the youths to phailentieng@lenduong.net. View the letters at http://phailentieng.lenduong.net/

2. Submitting a 30-second video recording of yourself (individual or in a group) saying why/how you are speaking up for the youths. This will be compiled to create a compilation of youth voices from around the world, standing in solidarity with the youths being detained in Vietnam. (Wear purple!)

We need your voice. Please help us stand up for Human Rights and for Justice.




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