Bai Tho Ngo Nghich – Phan Van Hung

I just really wanted to have some more posts under the Music category, since I’ve been neglecting it for a while. Phan Văn Hưng is an amazing composer, poet, lyricist, and performer. He resides in Australia, writing and singing mostly folk music about Freedom, suffering, hope, and compassion that I can only assume is based on his own experiences after the Fall of Saigon. One of his pieces is called Hai Mươi Năm or 20 Years which he wrote in commemoration, 20 years after the Fall. His music ranges from touching to epic and the lyrics really stir the activist in you.

Bài Thơ Ngỗ Nghịch is my favourite Phan Văn Hưng song and I have no idea why I haven’t shared any of his music until now. Totally slipped my mind even when I listen to these beautiful songs all the time. The title roughly translates to Poem of Dissent. You’ll see what I mean by ‘touching’ and ‘epic.’


I have no affiliation with the music or artist.