Thoi Bao Festival 2011

Saturday, August 13th, 2011 – Mel Lastman Square, Toronto, ON.

Last Saturday was the Thoi Bao festival, another opportunity for Toronto’s Vietnamese community to gather for random festivities, haha. I had the opportunity to perform with my friend James Duong (Duong Thai Hoa), an extremely talented musician who’s even performed for Trung Tam Asia!! It was fun. 🙂 Check out James’ videos on youtube, too! Link to our performance below. 😀

In other news, most of my friends and fellow PBC members have been in Manila, Philippines over the past 2 weeks for a life-changing conference with hundreds of other Vietnamese youths around the globe. I miss them like crazy!! Definitely going to attend next time…!!!

Also, PBC Camp “Trai An Tinh” 2011 is coming up soon! Lots of prepping underway. Look forward to that.