Tet Trung Thu 2011

Saturday, September 17th, 2011 — Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON.

At this year’s Tet Trung Thu, Doan Thanh Nien Phan Boi Chau had a table to attract youth activists make their cause known to the community. They also distributed mini VNCH flags and flyers advertising their upcoming youth-lead protest to the guests and it was a big hit!!

Tet Trung Thu, Mid-Autumn Festival 2010: Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

Saturday, September 25, 2010: Harbourfront Centre, downtown Toronto.

This year’s Lantern Festival was organized by Hoi Nguoi Viet Toronto (VAT). To me it was different from previous years when I had volunteered. Members from the Vietnamese Student Associations at York and Ryerson performed at this year’s festival. The weather was gloomy so the turn-out was actually less than I expected to see. The performances went pretty smoothly though, despite the wind and chill in the air (and even a little rain).

Photographer: Stanimir C. (Thank you!)

Complaint about this year’s TTT: “Why don’t I see any Freedom flags?” said my unhappy Mommy and her friends. That is not a good sign…

{Edit: 05/12/2010}  Forgot to add this although I uploaded it a while ago. Thanks to my Papa, here’s the video of VSA York University’s performance: