Music from the Mountains

It’s been a while since I had a music post up. I’ve been itching to write this post since an acquaintance shared this wonderful song with me last week. I was told how the people in the mountains of Vietnam, called the Hmong or Montagnards, are people with pure, good and simple ideals. They aren’t concerned with materialism or the complications of the busy city life, and so their lives are filled with love and faith. It’s something you can tell just by listening to this song.

However, it is true that they have been facing terrible religious persecution at the hands of the Vietnamese Communist government. The Montagnard people are devout Christians and Catholics, which in Vietnam makes them a target of the regime; even more so because their people sided with America during the Vietnam War.

Since they are a strong and admirable people, they refuse to renounce their faith despite all the violence, harassment, and arrests imposed on them by the communist government. They continue to practice and protect their religious beliefs and peacefully protest the injustice of the government. Such is the atrocity of communism, that it won’t even spare something as pure and good as these folks’ faith. May God have mercy on all the wretched communist souls. -_-”

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Here is the song. It is in Vietnamese, written and composed by Vietnamese Montagnard singer Y Moan (who was of our grandparents’ generation and passed away not long ago), and is called Giấc Mơ Cha-pi which translates to “Cha-pi Dream”. A Cha-pi is a musical instrument, like a Montagnard “harp,” I suppose. It’s a wooden cylinder with taut strings around the body of the cylinder. Well actually it’s not like a harp at all. You can just google “Chapi instrument” to see it. Perhaps I will translate the lyrics sometime, too.

Anyway, the song is quite beautiful. Hope you enjoy it.

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