Liên Hội Người Việt Canada – Protest in Ottawa 2012

On Saturday, May 05, 2012, the Vietnamese-Canadian communities from Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Montréal, Ottawa and other cities responded to the call from Liên Hội Người Việt Canada to gather in front of Parliament Hill in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. This demonstration was held as a show of support to a petition recently organized by Liên Hội Người Việt Canada, which demanded the release of all religious, land rights, and democracy activists in Vietnam, such as singer-songwriter Việt Khang, arrested for writing patriotic songs that criticized the Vietnamese communist government for the oppression of its people and cowardice towards foreign powers like communist China.






In Ottawa for Asian Heritage Month

Two Sundays ago, literally hours after the fundraising dinner mentioned in the previous post ended, we were on a 4-hour road trip from Toronto to Ottawa! Whooo! Actually we weren’t that energetic at the time. On Sunday May 30, 2010, Ontario’s Vietnamese Canadian community celebrated Asian Heritage Month in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

We held a parade, and a short ceremony with some văn nghê,̣ too. It was a nice afternoon. 🙂 Somehow my friend and I ended up parading in traditional clothing. Yes, totally unexpected… haha. 😛

You can read more about the Vietnamese Boat People Museum here: