Chiến dịch Triệu Con Tim, Một Tiếng Nói : Million Hearts, One Voice Campaign

The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves – William Hazlitt

Regardless of the language you speak, be it Vietnamese, English, French, there’s a universal language that desires to be spoken by every human being on this great earth. That’s the language of Freedom. The language has various dialects, such as Freedom of Speech, from the Speech area, the major dialect of this language; or Freedom of Religion for example, from the region of Religion, known for its mystics and saints.

It’s a peculiar one, this language of Freedom. Though hunted down through the centuries by tyrants and dictators, it never could be extinguished. As long as there was Conscience, there was Freedom. But that’s just it, it cannot be extinguished because this language does not belong to any one particular race or ethnic group, it is owned by all Humanity. And when even one human being is barred from practising this language, then millions of hearts will rise and join as one voice speaking Freedom:

If you have a voice, it is your duty to rise and speak for those who are silenced. Go to the following link to learn more about this campaign, sign the petition, and become one voice with a million other hearts:

There will be those who would rather us sit back and do nothing. There will be those who would rather us be ignorant and apathetic. But until this whole earth is lit with the flames of liberty we will never stop fighting, and we will hold those perpetrators of injustices accountable for all their actions so that Justice may re-claim her proper seat in the high court of history.

écrasez l’infâme

– Nhat