“Anh Là Ai” x 3

My favourite version among the talented little girls singing Viet Khang’s “Anh La Ai”! She hits all those notes like a boss. She’s even got a live band backing her up. 🙂

These Vietnamese-Canadian youths are so patriotic and talented. 😉


Dai Hoi 6 Fundraising Dinner

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 – Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Toronto, ON.

Last weekend, the Toronto fundraising team for the 6th International Vietnamese Youth Conference in Manila (Dai Hoi 6, or DH6) held a wonderful charity dinner and concert to help sponsor the Canadian delegation’s trip to Manila, Philippines. The theme of this year’s conference is Digital Activism, and we Canadians are proud to send our delegates to the conference with high hopes that they will return with useful knowledge and new inspiration to apply and to share. Also, a huge thank you to the Sacred Heart church, our organizers, volunteers and parents who helped us pull off this successful fundraiser; it was a lot of work but totally worth it! 🙂

Unveiling of the first ever Vietnamese-Canadian community parade float

Sunday, June 05, 2011 – Tokyo Auto Collision Body Shop, Toronto, ON.

Last weekend, a part of the Vietnamese-Canadian community in Toronto gathered to celebrate the unveiling of the first ever official parade float to represent the Vietnamese Refugee and Expatriate community in Canada. This float will participate in big events such as the Oktoberfest Parade in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario. Many members from several Vietnamese community groups attended the event. Two MPs from the Canadian government also attended to show their support, one of them on behalf of Canada’s current Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism, the Honourable Jason Kenney. It was a lovely afternoon, and I am sure this wonderful float will go down in the history of our community. Many thanks should go out to the people who built the float with only their own passion, good will, and bare hands. It is an amazing piece of work and will be forever cherished by our Vietnamese-Canadian community.

Photography courtesy of PBC photographer Brian Nguyen!

First Annual Canadian VSA Summit

Saturday, May 21, 2011 — Ryerson University, downtown Toronto:

The Vietnamese Student Associations (VSAs) of Ontario, Canada held their first ever annual VSA Summit this past weekend. It was a successful afternoon with a good turnout and the discussion and learning of several relevant and useful topics, including Political Activism, Cultural Activism, Sponsorship & Funding, Culture & Bridging the Generation Gap, Leadership & Team-building, and Membership Retention.

I personally cannot wait until next year’s Summit. A big thank you to our two awesome organizers who brought the event to us. It was definitely a worthwhile and great experience.

Photos courtesy of Brian Nguyen.

Charity Dinner for Japan Tsunami Victims

Saturday, April 16, 2011 – Bayview Glen Church, Woodbridge, ON.

Last weekend, Nhóm Thiện Chí Toronto, our organizing committee made up of members from many different Vietnamese community groups, held a charity dinner and concert to fundraise for the relief effort in Japan. Although our community is not particularly large, we decided to come together to support our brothers and sisters in Japan, all the victims who have been devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that struck their country back in March. It was impossible to know of their distress and not reach out to them when doing so is completely within our abilities.

The evening was a success, and we have raised over $24,000.00 with only 2 weeks of preparation. Our Japanese-Canadian guests from the JCCC (Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre) Foundation expressed such genuine thanks that it brought tears to my eyes. They are such strong spirited and sweet individuals.

I sincerely hope Japan will recover from this disaster and that all of the victims will find peace.

Here are some photos from the evening…

Thank you to our photographer Brian Nguyen!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you were all able to celebrate the weekend in a meaningful way and with loved ones. I know I did!

In my case, I am thankful for love and for life, and having many amazing people to share it with. Each and every one of them are a blessing to me!

This year I broke the usual traditions and went to attend Oktoberfest for the Thanksgiving long weekend. Actually, a group of us from PBC Toronto traveled down to the Kitchener-Waterloo region to join Hoi Nguoi Viet Kitchener-Waterloo to represent the Vietnamese-Canadian community in the Oktoberfest parade. We needed to wake up super early (by that I mean 5:30AM!), so it was an overnight trip with lots of preparing and bonding. In the morning it was freezing and we stood around amidst the line up of floats and paraders for a good while, dancing and huddling and shivering in our traditional Vietnamese clothing… which, I might add, is very thin. Then when the procession began to march, the sun came up and the rain started pouring. Luckily us girls had these awesome Vietnamese hats (nón quai thao) we could use like umbrellas, haha. Despite the cold, the rain, and the horse droppings along the 5km walk, I feel that we helped to represent the Vietnamese community well and had an awesome time doing so. And a huuuge crowd came out to watch! I’m totally in for doing this again next year. If all goes as planned, we’re going to have a FLOAT, too!

Photos can be found at the following links. Photographer: My papa! 🙂

Oktoberfest 2010 – Floats & Paraders

Oktoberfest 2010 – Cong Dong Nguoi Viet Tu Do

Our success could not have happened without our many supporters who put such great effort and enthusiasm into all that they do. Thank you to everyone: the diligent organizers, our designated drivers, superb cooks, energetic participants, encouraging parents, avid supporters, among others. I am sincerely thankful to be a part of this amazing, inspiring, close and caring group of individuals.

As for the X JAPAN concert… I don’t think I’ll be blogging about that. It’s not that I have nothing to write or too much to write… I just simply can’t find the perfect words to describe it, so I’ll just conclude by saying that it was possibly the best night of my life. It’s hard to imagine how anything in my life will ever be able to live up to the hype of that one evening, hahaha. 😛 Thank you to my awesome old friend who got us second row seats right in front of Pata and Heath! WE ARE X!!!

In Ottawa for Asian Heritage Month

Two Sundays ago, literally hours after the fundraising dinner mentioned in the previous post ended, we were on a 4-hour road trip from Toronto to Ottawa! Whooo! Actually we weren’t that energetic at the time. On Sunday May 30, 2010, Ontario’s Vietnamese Canadian community celebrated Asian Heritage Month in Ottawa, Canada’s capital.

We held a parade, and a short ceremony with some văn nghê,̣ too. It was a nice afternoon. 🙂 Somehow my friend and I ended up parading in traditional clothing. Yes, totally unexpected… haha. 😛

You can read more about the Vietnamese Boat People Museum here: